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geolocation jpg

Where is your photo?

Now you can add geolocation information and description to your JPG images.

geolocation jpg for local seo

Improves Local SEO

Geolocating the images improves the local SEO of your website and your visibility in Google My Business.

geolocation jpg for local seo in bulk mode

On-line service

Work in bulk mode, do all the work very quickly online, modify your JPG in a few seconds.

How to geotag photos:

1. Upload or drag and drop your photos. (Only .JPG photos are allowed)
2. In the map, you will see the current geotag info of your photos.
3. Click the map to set the new geo-location coordinates.
4. Add some additional tags to your photo, currently we support "Description and Comment".
5. Click on Write Data button.
6. Click Download.

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